Why we choose our sources

We believe in undiluted quality

Quality in flavours

When it comes to coffee, we have spent years trying to understand what makes each coffee cup different. What are the essences that define the taste, texture, flavour or that essence that makes one cup different from the other.

One of the main things for this difference is of course bean type. There are three types of coffee beans in this world, and they are Arabica which comes from the Coffea Arabica plant and then we have Robusta from Coffea Canephora plant and Liberica coming from Coffea Liberica. 

The highest quality of the three are Arabica beans, they account for 60-70 percent of all the coffee produced worldwide. They are the progenitors of coffee, and they are superior because they feature among other things, more complexity due to them containing double the chromosome of the other coffee types. They are sweeter than other coffee types and have 50 percent more oils than the Robusta which is something that you seek for when looking at good quality coffee.

Arabica coffee and coffee in general comes from Ethiopia which is one of the main reasons we chose our source to be from this country. Arabica coffee especially the beans that are sourced from Ethiopia feature hundreds of heirloom varietals which produce some of the most unique tasting and great collection of coffee beans in the world. 

Another reason for us to choose our Ethiopian partners is because the country is home to one of the largest coffee processing locations in the world. Featuring both Sun Dried Natural processing and Washed processing in different regions giving us a multitude of options for flavour and resulting coffee. 

This has allowed us to carefully curate our lot of coffee beans,  with the aim of providing you with some of the most amazing and unique coffee flavours to delve into the wonderful adventure of coffee roasting and consumption.