Guatemala Carrizalito - Washed Guatemalan Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

Guatemala Carrizalito - Washed Guatemalan Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

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Guatemala Carrizalito - Washed Guatemalan Speciality Coffee Beans

Processing: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai
Region: Guatemala Nuevo Oriente
Farm: Finca Carrizal
Producer: Ricardo Zelaya
Altitude: 1000-1200 meters above sea level
Flavour Notes: Citrus, caramel, pecan

A legacy of Guatemalan coffee excellence, this brand boasts a history dating back to 1908 in the Antigua Valley. Ricardo's great grandfather's foresight led to the acquisition of various farms that are meticulously cared for today. Generational knowledge passed down through the family, coupled with Ricardo Zelaya's (fourth generation) agribusiness expertise, has transformed these farms into what they are now. With a deep commitment to quality and a passionate team, they prioritize sustainable practices while honoring tradition. Their dedication has resulted in not only a thriving company culture but also internationally recognized, exceptional coffee. 

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