Why choose Green Beans

We believe in undiluted quality

Green equals quality

When it comes to coffee one of the main reasons to get fresh and high-quality green beans is so that you can get control of the roasting process and delineate the flavour and taste of the final product which is the coffee cup.

Not only that, it has also been shown that correctly stored and handled (preferably in a dark, cool and dry environment) bean can last up to three years.

The lot of our green beans are from Arabica coffee which grows best in places that have climates like that of Ethiopia: mountainous, tropical, with moderate wet and dry seasons. These beans tend to grow at middle-high to very-high altitudes, resulting in a hard-bean type, with intense flavours and aromatics.

The beans that come from these regions also feature fruity flavours which based on the different plants and fruits in different regions will give you different tastes and flavours. Our beans can be full bodied or light bodied depending on type thus giving you choice and variety.

We have curated three collections of different beans from across our sources in Ethiopia. Giving you the opportunity to experiment and taste the flavours of the regions where these beans have been sourced from.