Lot Anchinalun - Medium Roast Farmer Direct Lot - Yirgacheffe Idido - Natural G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

Lot Anchinalun - Medium Roast Farmer Direct Lot - Yirgacheffe Idido - Natural G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

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Lot Anchinalun - Medium Roast Farmer Direct Lot - Yirgacheffe Idido -Natural G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

Grade: G1
Processing: Natural

JARC varieties and Enat Buna
Region: Yirgacheffe Gaedo Zone, Idido Woreda
Farm: Outgrowers of Idido - Bette Buna community farmers
Altitude: 1960-2090 meters above sea level
Cup Profile
Sweet flower, citrus fruits, stonefruit, caramel

Anchinalun, the eldest daughter of Dawit’s grandparents Syoum and Emame, faced the challenging task of raising three children on her own after her husband tragically succumbed to malaria at a young age. Despite the emotional and social hardships of being a single mother and a woman in a rural coffee community, Anchinalun drew upon her family's support and became a source of inspiration for other women in the coffee community. She took a bold step and established her own local brewery, becoming a trailblazing female entrepreneur in her community.

Idido Station

At the Idido station, a stable group of 120 community farmers collaborates with Bette Buna. Throughout the year, several programs are implemented to foster a strong and cohesive Bette Buna - Idido community. Before the harvest season, the community engages in a 3-day program where agreements are reached with the community farmers regarding living wage pricing, volume, and quality requirements. Additionally, plans are made for extra Bette Buna investments in the communities during these days.

During the harvest, this group of 120 farmers delivers their freshly picked red cherries to the station, and Bette Buna processes distinct and fully traceable community lots. The coffee farmers in the Idido community typically cultivate coffee on plots that range from 0.5 to 1.5 hectares, resulting in an average yield of 500kg of net green coffee. Alongside coffee cultivation, many of them also grow various food crops to sustain their livelihoods.

Quality and Traceability

Bette Buna assigns a distinctive identification number to every lot of freshly picked cherries arriving at their station. This practice allows them to maintain full traceability, enabling them to identify the supplying farmers, distinguish between different lots, and closely monitor the journey of each coffee throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, Bette Buna takes the initiative to name their lots after individuals or groups who exemplify the Bette Buna mission: changing the world through coffee.

About Bette Buna

Bette Buna is a young, dedicated Dutch-Ethiopian coffee farming family, building on the legacy of the farming-grandparents Syoum and Emame. Founded and led by Dawit and Hester in 2020 and started on a 2 hectare farm in Sidamo, the couple invested the last years in terms of volume, regions, quality and sustainable scaleable impact in coffee communities. They now farm and process coffee in four different regions: Gedeo, Sidamo, Guji and Limu. Bette Buna means literally 'the house of coffee' in Amharic, and that's their purpose: being a home of (amazing) coffee, where everyone involved in it can get an equal opportunity on development. 


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