Colombia Cauca - Washed Colombian Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

Colombia Cauca - Washed Colombian Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

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Colombia Cauca - Unroasted Washed Colombian Speciality Coffee Beans

Processing: Washed
Region: Colombia, Cauca
Farm: Various smallholders
Altitude: 1500-1800 meters above sea level
Flavour Notes: mandarin orange, apricot, floral, hazelnut

Colombia's Cauca region, nestled high in the Andes (1500-1800 masl), cultivates a coffee as vibrant as its landscape. Volcanic soil and cool mountain air nurture Arabica varietals, meticulously cared for by smallholder farmers.

Each cup is a delightful exploration. Bright acidity cuts through a medium body, bursting with citrusy notes of mandarin orange and a touch of apricot. Delicate floral aromas add a touch of elegance, while hints of hazelnut lend a subtle earthiness. Light roasts are recommended to fully appreciate this symphony of flavors.

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