Hand Made Coffee Roaster Kit
Hand Made Coffee Roaster Kit
Hand Made Coffee Roaster Kit

Hand Made Coffee Roaster Kit

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Experience the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee Culture with the Traditional Clay Roaster Kit. Embrace the authentic Ethiopian coffee experience with our handcrafted clay roaster kit! Made by skilled artisans in Ethiopia using centuries-old techniques, this unique roaster allows you to roast your own Ethiopian coffee beans just the way you like it.

Here's what makes our kit special:

  • Gradual and even heating: Due to its natural insulating properties, clay heats up slowly and retains heat consistently, promoting even roasting throughout the beans. This minimizes the risk of scorching or unevenly roasted beans.
  • Infrared heat penetration: Clay emits far-infrared heat, which penetrates deeper into the coffee beans, roasting them from the inside out. This results in a more balanced and complex flavor profile with less charring on the surface.
  • Self-regulating temperature: Clay has a moderate heat capacity, meaning it absorbs and releases heat gradually. This self-regulating effect helps prevent overheating and maintains a consistent roasting temperature, reducing the risk of burning the beans.
  • Unique Cultural Experience: Connect with the rich coffee traditions of Ethiopia and appreciate the artistry and skill behind each handcrafted roaster.
  • Two 250g Bags of Ethiopian Specialty Coffee from our Farmer Direct Lots
    • Lot Mentewab - Farmer Direct Lot - Yirgacheffe Cheffe City - Washed G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee
    • Lot Anchinalun - Farmer Direct Lot - Yirgacheffe Idido- Natural G1 Ethiopian Specialty CoffeeSustainable & Eco-Friendly: Clay roasting is a natural and sustainable process, minimizing environmental impact.
  • More than just a coffee roaster, it's a cultural journey.

Get your kit today and embark on a delicious adventure into the world of Ethiopian coffee!

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