Lot Mershiti - Farmer Direct Lot - Sidama Taferi Kela - Washed G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee (Unroasted)
Lot Mershiti - Farmer Direct Lot - Sidama Taferi Kela - Washed G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee (Unroasted)

Lot Mershiti - Farmer Direct Lot - Sidama Taferi Kela - Washed G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee (Unroasted)

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Lot Mershiti - Farmer Direct Lot - Sidama Taferi Kela - Washed G1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

Grade: G1
Processing: Washed

JARC variety 74110/112 and Wild coffee
Region: Sidama Taferi Kela
Farm: Bette Buna Taferi Kela Farm
Altitude: 1920-2010 meters above sea level
Cup Profile: Floral, orange, mango, cherries, bergamot, apple

Mershiti exhibits an unwavering commitment and boundless energy in advocating for equal rights within his coffee community of Taferi Kela. Raised on a coffee farm, he and his sister, as the youngest members of their family, forged a unique bond, creating their own secret language and playing together throughout their childhood, despite the financial hardships their parents faced.

Tragedy struck when his father passed away, but Mershiti rallied his fellow community members. He made a heartfelt promise to use every means at his disposal to uplift the impoverished community of Taferi Kela and transform it into a place of happiness. His singular demand was simple but powerful: collaboration. Today, Mershiti leads Bette Buna’s family farm in Taferi Kela.

Taferi Kela Bette Buna Farm 

Situated merely a kilometer away from the modest Taferi Kela city administration house, also known as Dara Otilicho, the farm, established almost a century ago, belongs to the grandparents Syoum and Emame. Nestled amid lush mountain peaks, just a stone's throw from the Gedeo region, the farm engages in the cultivation and processing of coffee through various methods. In close proximity to the farm, a few minutes' walk away, the station processes a range of coffee types, including washed, natural, and anaerobic processed coffee. 

Their farm had its origins on a modest 2-hectare plot, which later undertook an ambitious expansion, enlarging the farm to cover a substantial 20 hectares. Furthermore, the family established a sizable 350,000-infant nursery as part of their ongoing efforts. The farm employs a dedicated team of 53 full-year contract workers who contribute to its operations.

Despite being located in one of the most underdeveloped woredas within the Sidama zone, both the coffee and the local community brim with untapped potential and promise.

Quality and Traceability

Bette Buna assigns a distinctive identification number to every lot of freshly picked cherries arriving at their station. This practice allows them to maintain full traceability, enabling them to identify the supplying farmers, distinguish between different lots, and closely monitor the journey of each coffee throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, Bette Buna takes the initiative to name their lots after individuals or groups who exemplify the Bette Buna mission: changing the world through coffee.

About Bette Buna

Bette Buna is a young, dedicated Dutch-Ethiopian coffee farming family, building on the legacy of the farming-grandparents Syoum and Emame. Founded and led by Dawit and Hester in 2020 and started on a 2 hectare farm in Sidamo, the couple invested the last years in terms of volume, regions, quality and sustainable scaleable impact in coffee communities. They now farm and process coffee in four different regions: Gedeo, Sidamo, Guji and Limu. Bette Buna means literally 'the house of coffee' in Amharic, and that's their purpose: being a home of (amazing) coffee, where everyone involved in it can get an equal opportunity on development. 


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