Nicaragua Los Placeres farm - Cold Anaerobic Natural Ethiosar Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

Nicaragua Los Placeres farm - Cold Anaerobic Natural Ethiosar Specialty Coffee - (Unroasted)

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Cold Anaerobic Natural Ethiosar
Lot Number: 017-215-46E
Harvest: 2022/2023
Varietal: Ethiosar
Process: Cold Anaerobic Natural
Fermentation Time: 48 hours
Fermentation Temp: 6-10°C
Drying Method: Sun dried on beds
Moisture: 11.9%
Density: 932g/L
Temperature (C°): 21.3
Farm: Los Placeres
Producer: Mierisch Family
Farm Region: Matagalpa
Country: Nicaragua
Dry Mill Name/Location: Beneficio Don Esteban, Matagalpa (45 min away)
Buying Since: 2019
Flavor Notes: Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Lemon
Tactile Notes: Vibrant, Smooth, Lingering, Juicy

The Mierisch family has been producing coffee for over 110 years, making
them one of the oldest coffee farming families in the country. For the
past 5 generations, they have been innovating and steadily improving the
efficiency of their systems, creating momentum that has enabled them to
design special farming practices at scale with pin-point lot
traceability and produce world renowned, rare coffee varieties with
unique and exceptional processing methods.

The Mierisch family produces their coffees across 11 farms in Nicaragua
and 3 in Honduras. Their coffees are well recognized around the world;
the incredible response from their Los Favoritos Auction and back to
back 1st place at the Cup or Excellence in Honduras is a testament to
their dedication, hard work and understanding of the importance of a
quality value chain.

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